Water activities found in Costa Rica offer a refreshing break from the frequently sweltering heat. Many people consider surfing, snorkeling, and swimming when they think about water sports, you will find actually some pretty unique aquatic experiences to be enjoyed here – have a look at our pick of the best. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Playa Hermosa.

1.Free diving

One of the more harmonious ways to have the diverse marine zones in addition to underwater animals of Costa Rica is by just free diving. Via a many-day PADI no cost diving certification program, you are able to discover how exactly to safely and comfortably dive to depths of ten meters (thirty feet) for a minimum of 1 and also a half minutes on one breath. This empowering capacity grants you amazing freedom to savor beneath the top area without the normal sound of bulky scuba and air bubbles diving gear.


For individuals that aren’t considering a no cost diving program, however, wish to savor Costa Rica’s mesmerizing marine life-style, snuba is an incredible option. Snuba is a variety of snorkeling in addition to scuba diving, but simply no experience or certification is essential. A scuba tank is situated in a completely free-floating raft & a pressurized hose-pipe is attached; this hose-pipe is your personal airline. The hose allows you to breathe underwater without needing to hold the container. The liberating experience is wonderful for the whole family and grants you the chance to swim with giant manta rays, sharks, turtles, eagle rays, along side various exotic fish.

3.SUP yoga

Stand-up paddleboarding and yoga are 2 remarkably popular tasks within Costa Rica. But perhaps you have tried position upwards paddleboarding yoga? The adventure to do yoga available in the ocean is really heavenly. The classes generally occur in a secured bay area in that the water is calm. Practicing yoga on the SUP board is challenging, peaceful, and fun. There’s nothing like performing savasana with the sounds of the seashore ringing in the ears of yours.

4 Subwing

Maybe you have possibly wanted flying underwater? Subwing is just a little winged unit that is pulled behind a motorboat when you hold onto it. You are able to dive, spin, and also fly inverted all while gliding smoothly through the ocean. This exhilarating encounter is just a must-try! Additionally, it enables you to cover a lot of ground underwater in which you are likely to encounter much marine wildlife.

5. Shark diving

There are numerous shark hotspots within Costa Rica wherein experienced and adventurous divers are able to invest moment admiring these exquisite apex predators. Costa Rica is house to hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and numerous other impressive species. The Bat Islands, in addition to Isla del Coco, are 2 of essentially the most prominent shark areas within Costa Rica, but there are lots of others that support a sizable population of a variety of sharks.

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