Custom built tiki huts are a great way to enjoy an outdoor getaway in the warm Hawaiian Islands. You can create a unique tropical paradise on your very own property, a location that is unlike any other on the planet. If you are looking to design your own personal tiki shack, there are many things to consider before beginning the construction process. The first thing you will need to decide is whether you want the hut to be a permanent structure or whether it is open to the elements. Building a permanent structure will require more planning and money, but it can provide lasting and elegant decorations for any outdoor getaway.

Many people decide that they would like to purchase a tiki, or a hut for their backyard, and then have their custom built tiki hut custom built to their specifications. This can be accomplished by hiring a local building company to build the hut for you. Some hut designs are more complex than others, and may require several different builders to complete. However, if you are certain of the style and design you want, the cost can be rolled into the overall cost of the tiki.

When building your own tiki you must also think about the foundation. Hire a professional to check that the ground is solid and that there are no underground cave-ins. A skilled carpenter will be able to determine the most structurally sound site for your tiki hut. Once you have the site surveyed, the builder will be able to build the hut to specifications. Most tiki hut foundations are ten to twelve feet deep, with additional footing placed along the beach and other locations to help support the weight of the tiki.

When choosing a building contractor for your custom tiki hut, make sure you do some research. Ask for pictures of previous jobs and designs. Make sure that they have the proper permits to do the job and have experience with the type of hut you want. Also, be sure that the contractor has access to the necessary materials to build your hut.

The roof is the most visible part of your Luau Chickee Hut. Most tiki roofing designs are either one or two stories high and constructed with beams and poles to hold the tiki in place. If you want your tiki to look more like a traditional roof, consider building it with an on-side pitch. This will allow you to add privacy and shade during the hot summer months.

The roof of the tiki hut is usually made out of palm wood or coconut. Popular materials for roofing are redwood, cedar, bamboo, or hemlock. These materials are not only beautiful, they offer the strength to withstand years of exposure to the elements. Once your hut has been built it will need to be painted and treated so that it will be safe for use. To keep your tiki looking its best you should clean and treat it on a regular basis. Be sure to use products that are designed to be used outdoors as these products will help keep bugs away from your tiki.

You can also choose to build a deck along side your tiki. Building a deck gives you the ability to sit under your tiki and enjoy the nightlife on the beach. It also gives the tiki structure a more authentic beach look and feel. Building a deck also requires that you hire a professional deck builder. Decks for your custom built tiki hut can also be purchased pre-built at most hardware stores and home improvement stores.

If you decide that a tiki hut is what you want, then it is important that you make your decision carefully. Choose a company that can handle the job with ease and have years of experience. You will also want to make sure that the tiki hut design you choose is one that you can afford. The last thing you want to do is get a design that you can’t afford so look around before making your final decision. Once you choose a company and get the tiki hut built it is up to you to enjoy the many benefits that a tiki has to offer.