A lot of people, at one time or another, need to have the ability to spy on cellular phone activities or listen in secretly to a call. They frequently include individuals who might be suspicious that their spouse or partner is cheating on them. Many parents also wish to know if their students are visiting inappropriate websites, or making contact with untrustworthy characters through calls or text messages.

There are also employers who give company-owned phones for their employees, and naturally want assurance that the phones will soon be useful for work purposes only.

Suspicious spouses, parents, and employers may now actually spy on cellular phone users in the shape of stealth spy software. This software how to track a cell phone is installed on the cellular phone without the intended users knowledge. Employers and parents can pre-install it before giving the device for their employee or child. Spouses can install the program on the partners phone once the latter is asleep or from it. Once installed, the stealth software is undetectable, and the user has no proven fact that his calls and messages are being monitored.

Many websites offer spy software at different prices, with regards to the features included. Some websites will demand the purchaser to acknowledge he is the legitimate owner or administrator of the cellular phone to be spied on before allowing the usage of the software.

Once the purchase is manufactured, the application might be downloaded, and then installed on the cell phone. It is compatible with various types of cell phones, such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Mobile Windows phones, and even the iPad. A necessity is that the device must be Internet capable, because monitoring is manufactured possible by Internet connectivity.

Each software purchase posseses an associated account name and password. One logs in to this account, using any computer that has online access, to have the ability to monitor calls and messages on the phone. He is able to see phone logs including a saving of each call, the number that was dialled or that called in, and the date, time and duration of the call.

He is able to also see transcripts of text messages, the associated numbers, and the dates and occasions when the messages were sent. Furthermore, they can see websites visited on the device, and when those visits took place. These records might be sorted, stored, copied or deleted at the users discretion.