Based on the same principles as clairvoyance at the office, clairvoyance by telephone offers many advantages, amongst others accessibility whenever you want and from any place, which is a valuable thing when the requirement for reliable answers about one’s future and even spiritual guidance arises. Discover how to complete clairvoyance by phone, but first, let yourself be convinced by the advantages of this sort of reading.

Principles of clairvoyance by telephone

The art of divination, called clairvoyance, is based on the clairvoyant’s extra-sensory capacity or the medium to feel vibrations and interpret them in messages understandable to normal people.

These feelings and vibrations increase because of a connection established between the psychic (or medium) and the consultant. However, nowadays, this connection can be made through new communication technologies such as telephone, SMS, online connection, whereas before, this is only possible if the interlocutors were face to face. In the case of clairvoyance by telephone, it is the consultant’s voice and the intention of the clairvoyant / medium, which makes it possible to establish the connection and which makes it possible to amplify its vibrations.

This is one way the consultants, needing to obtain answers from the Universe or messages in the proper execution of guidance from their spirit guides, turn to the few people endowed with this specific extra-sensory convenience of answers. Indeed, these answers are of great help to those individuals who have to make important decisions in certain situations.

The advantages of remote divination

Clairvoyance, by telephone, accessible whenever you want of your day, allows the consultant to obtain answers and truly save time quickly. Actually, there’s no longer any need to move, nor to have to hold back for your turn: the connection between the psychic and the consultant is practically immediate.

Remote divination allows reliable answers to be obtained, regardless of the divinatory medium used. Indeed, the consultant can give free rein to his own feelings and emotions because he’s not impressed by the seer’s current presence voyance par telephone. Less inhibited, he reveals himself without preconceptions and in most confidence. However, the more stimulating the consultant, the easier it is to identify him. This results in more precise information.

phone clairvoyance advantage

Likewise, the psychic, centered on voice and vibrations, will not be distracted by the consultant’s non-verbal communication. The consultant’s gestures, looks, and reactions tend to increase under the affectation of nervousness and mislead the very empathetic seer.

Among the advantages of clairvoyance by telephone is the freedom of the exchange between the two interlocutors. Actually uninhibited, the consultant tends to express his concerns easily, thus allowing the psychic to really have a certain freedom to speak directly about what he receives as messages. And thanks to this neutrality and this objectivity, he will guide the consultant in most honesty.

How to complete clairvoyance by phone?


Preparations before the call

If you have finally chosen to take advantage of the benefits of clairvoyance over the device, know it is important to get ready yourself mentally and emotionally. Indeed, it is essential to learn how to refocus on why for the remote consultation and, therefore, to leave aside the small daily worries to manage to focus the mind on the session.

It can be important to choose your clairvoyant and, therefore, make an effort to understand clairvoyance sites by phone. Consumer reviews will give you an idea of ​​the site, then the psychic to call.

Finally, there’s no question of improvising your questions or memorizing the answers when you risk losing the thread of your ideas. Instead, make an effort to list your questions and have something handy to publish down the psychic’s answers.

How to contact a psychic by phone?

To get this done, you can find internet platforms focused on clairvoyance by telephone. These last bring together professionals and seers through their presentations you may choose between seeing. To find the best online clairvoyance site and choose your clairvoyant in line with the prices charged by them, we suggest you visit a comparator of clairvoyance sites.

how to contact a psychic by phone

Once contact is established, a critical psychic will speak for you to offer confidence. It’ll use your voice’s timbre and vibrations and its feelings to identify you and reveal things about you. Some clairvoyants take some time to visualize and discuss significant events from your past to produce a real connection.

The psychic generally continues by asking you a couple of questions, allowing him to target you: your first name, date of birth, and the field that interests you: love, family, money, work… and the question that bothers you.

After your first question, the seer enters several divinatory art supports, which can be tarots such as the Tarot of Marseille or the Tarot of the Angels, oracles such as the Oracle of Ge, the oracle of Bellina, or the Oracle of the runes. Some seers use gemstones and ask you to choose one to establish your character trait.

And for clarity, your psychic will ask you to target on your own question while he chooses cards. He may choose just one card to begin with, then continue with 3, 6, or 9 cards according to what type of drawing he will be making.

Then comes the exchange with the seer. The psychic may first reveal answers for you and enlighten you on certain aspects of your lifetime, but also for more precision, he’ll seek to deepen his questions to understand your doubts and your questions higher. And because the questions follow one another, your psychic can tell you his answers. It enriches you with new elements, which allows you to make more informed choices. Remember, the decision is yours, and a critical seer shouldn’t influence you or decide for you.

Assimilate the brand new elements revealed by the session

Whether you have opted for a clairvoyance session by free or paid phone, it is essential to make an effort to assimilate the brand new elements revealed by your session. Indeed, by having a step back, you will be more objective, and you may have clear ideas to help make the best decisions. Understand that the seer guides you, but it is you alone who had free will!