Is this the end for online sports betting and online poker?

The House Of Representatives approved a crackdown on Internet gambling that could ban not merely sports betting but also online poker and casino games. Once again big brother is flexing its political muscle and dictating to the American people that they know what’s best for them. The truth though, is that the U.S. Government does not have a hand in this cash cow pie. They can’t regulate it, they can’t profit from it and therefore they need to abolish it. This can be a multi-billion dollar industry that the U.S. is not a part of.

The ramifications of removing a multi-billion dollar industry from society are very vast, any particular one could not possibly comprehend the entire fallout that could occur 먹튀검증 should the ban become law. People who bet on sports will continue steadily to bet on sports. We will undoubtedly see a growth in underground Bookies. You understand, the guys in the back of the pizza shop with 25 phone lines ringing off the hook. Perhaps we will start to see more organized poker games in the back room of your local pool hall. Maybe your neighbor will set up a mini-casino in the basement of his home and invite you over for some Baccarat. They are all plausible scenarios. None of which are desirable or healthy for society. The point is those who enjoy gambling will find a way to gamble. The U.S. Government is merely which makes it dirtier in order for them to do so.

The real impact is likely to be felt by those people who are directly and indirectly associated with online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms. They are some huge Companies with some huge marketing budgets. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on their online advertising campaigns alone. Search engines such as for example Google and Yahoo will suffer a huge lack of revenue should this bill become law. You will see no requirement for these companies to advertise in newspapers or magazines, on the radio or television. All the revenue generated through these Company’s marketing campaigns will vanish overnight.

There’s also a large number of website Owners on the Internet that feed off of the Online gambling houses. Many of which make their coping with affiliate programs that a number of these poker rooms and sportsbooks offer. It is likely to be these Online entrepreneurs which is affected the most. Not only can they lose the revenue that’s generated through online gambling but they will lose whatever they have committed to the development, optimization, and advertising campaigns associated making use of their websites.