As it pertains around exam time there are some great ways to revise, and when you have been disappointed with your GCSE results and are considering a re-sit to obtain the grade that you would like then here are a few important tips on how to get probably the most out of your revision!

Identify your weaknesses – Knowing what you would like to enhance upon makes revision a lot more achievable along with effective. You is only going to spend time learning what you found easy to perform in the exam. It could seem hard but doing what’s difficult and improving on that will enable you to get the grade that you want.

Get off distractions – Revising for a re-sit is always hard, because everyone has finished their exams and no further have to spend their time studying. Grab yourself from anything distracting that will place you off your work revision apps for students. Put aside some time each day for revision. This way you can still have some fun and go out with friends and family but you’re also giving yourself the best chance to obtain the grade you want in the re-sit.

Have regular breaks – Having regular breaks is good and makes revision less daunting and challenging but be disciplined with yourself! Ensure that 15 minute break doesn’t develop into a whole afternoon of TV.

Set yourself targets – Setting yourself achievable targets is a means of showing yourself the progress you’re making. It can be used to assist you be clear on what you have revised and what work you still have to do. Whenever you achieve a target then this may encourage you further as it gives you a feeling of achievement.

Be GCSE Specific – Look at the revision methods available and choose one that is bets for you personally when you’re learning. Ensure that any internet revision sites you use are GCSE specific along with specific to the niche or at the very least the exam that you are sitting, this will provide you with the best chance to obtain high results once you take the exam again.

Look at past papers – Don’t take anything for granted when overlooking any past GCSE papers but they are a great revision tool if you will get access with a through your school. You will see what topics or questions seem to continue to come up in the exam papers through the entire years and make sure you have the ability to answer similar questions if they will also appear on the re-sit.

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