Pot is a drug that has been legalized in 12 states of the US because of the gaining acceptance of its medical properties. It is also the most illegally used drug in many parts of the world. It’s smoked cigarettes, used in food and even liquefied. The drug is illegal because of causing intoxicating effects. Pot is produced from the plant of Cannabis. The process includes shredding and drying out of the plant’s elements including the seed, leaves and originate for use. The main chemical present in Pot is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It causes immediate effects on brain and other areas of the body after it’s smoked cigarettes into the bronchi. Eating and drinking takes longer duration for the intake into the system. The reaction of body areas on using the drug created by National Institute of Substance abuse (NIDA) is discussed as under:

The respiratory system:

Similar to the tobacco effect, smoking Pot releases chemicals that cause irritation to the bronchi including the bronchial passage. For the regular smoker of drugs, wheezing and coughs are pretty common that ultimately leads to severe conditions like asthma and cystic fibrosis. The main element of pot smoke consist of cancerous carcinogens.

Circulatory System:

The main ingredient of Pot, THC, accounts for increasing the heart rate which can go high for about three hours. It can also increase the risks of heart arrest with people having cardiovascular disease. Eat symptoms of the drug are bloodshot eyes. Because of the drug, the blood vessels of the eyes dilates or stretches, it also causes growth stoppage of the blood vessels that can lead to malignant tremors. buy weed online

Nervous System:

Pot causes brain relaxation because THC allows serotonin levels to secrete dopamine. It is the same source that makes a person feels high. The causes hallucinations and delusions. After the anatomy’s reaction of being high, a person feels very low or depressed. Quitting Pot after addiction causes individuals to be highly annoyed, insomniac or even lose appetite. Expectant mothers who use pot, expose their babies to issues related with concentration, memory and even problem resolving skills.

The drug is asked ease the inflammation and pain of the body with its pharmacologic effect. It also helps in the control of fits and seizures which is reported to be effective for children with Autism. However, proper research is yet to be made.

The drug is also helpful in irritating the appetite. This profoundly benefits cancer or AIDS patients who lose their appetite. Also, Pot also aids in relaxing a person from nausea or vomiting and nauseating, when taken orally. The drug’s positive or negative affect immune system, studies are still to be conducted.