As a kid, I was sexually abused by a household friend. This thoughtless, abusive act has forever changed my life. It’s not just changed who I’m but how I see things, how I view myself, how I make decisions and how I live my life. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I have struggled with self-esteem and anger issues, trusting others, accepting help from others, self-injurious behavior and a host of other issues which I can directly relate solely to my abuse as a child.

For many years, I have attended therapy and have cycled through numerous different therapists and counselors. It’s not that each of my counselors or therapists was not good as what they did. On the contrary, each professional with whom I worked regarding my experience played an essential role in my own healing process. Every one, for some reason, affected me positively in my own continuing recovery.

My journey through counseling is not even over, in reality, it is simply at its beginning stages. For many years, I have attended individual counseling. In individual counseling, I have learned to talk about my fears and other emotions, understand where my underlying issues originate and how to control my emotions and avoid potentially dangerous situations עונג נשי. I also have attended group counseling which offers a dynamic like no other I are finding in some of my other therapy. In group therapy, I related to and found friends in other survivors and created a kinship that can not be created in any other way than to possess experienced similar situations. I learned new coping skills from other survivors and gained a sense of empowerment from the strong group of survivors with whom I attended the group.

As I have, you too can heal from your sexual abuse experience(s) with the help of sexual abuse counseling. Through counseling, you’ll learn new ways to deal with your experience and figure out how to love yourself for who you are. You’ll learn that the abuse was not and is not your fault because it is not. You can gain a healthier self-esteem and self-understanding. If you have been sexually abused, counseling can help!