Social media users have now been discussing screenshots of an so-called tweet from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter account. That tweet has been fabricated.

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Cases is seen  here  and  here  .

The tweet says: “Remain tuned for huge news tomorrow. SidneyPowell1 and I have significant evidence of fraud and I will ensure that we have Dominion inside our fingers and are considering the logs. It’ll uncover fraud to such level it will soon be irrefutable that @realDonaldTrump gained in a landslide.”

A deeper look at the screenshot shows that the Twitter bill is “giuliani twitter”, which includes because been stopped by Twitter ( ). Giuliani’s real Twitter bill is “RudyGiuliani” ( ).

The tweet wasn’t from Giuliani’s standard bill but still another bill with the same sounding name. The tweet doesn’t occur on Giuliani’s Twitter site   ;. Reuters also couldn’t believe it is in ProPublica’s “Politwoops” repository, which songs removed tweets by public officials  here  .


On Nov. 14, the New York Situations described Giuliani’s remarks about voter fraud were putting “gasoline to discredited theories”,  here   ;.They directed with a of Giuliani’s prior tweets including one  here  seemingly promoting a theory that George Soros is behind Smartmatic, an organization that manufactures voting machines found in some states. Another tweet issues choosing Dominion to rely votes  here   ;.

Dominion Voting Programs, an organization that materials election engineering, was found in some U.S. claims and counties during this election (  ,  here ).

Reuters Truth Always check early in the day that month debunked statements about Dominion application  here  and  here   ;.

False. The tweet comes from an bill with the same username, and maybe not Rudy Giuliani’s standard account.

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